Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Boy Booties
Tutorial ­ How to crochet baby boy booties! By Sabrina @ cakesbysabrina link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg44Eh6uOFc
written by:  Tracy @ CanadianSis’ Creations
Super Saver Worsted weight yarn (colour of your choice)
Size 4.25 mm G (U.S. crochet hook)
Yarn needle (to sew in ends)
4 Buttons (2 each bootie)
markers (optional)
Stitch Guide:
ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
Sole (same pattern as classy bootie)
Same for both left and right boot
Working in rounds:
Make a slip knot, ch 12
Round 1:  sc in 2nd chain from hook. sc in the next 8 ch.  hdc in the next ch. 2hdc in the next ch.  5 hdc in
the last ch (marking the 3rd hdc as the tip of the toe).  Working on the other side of the chain.  2 hdc in next
ch.  hdc in the next ch. sc in the next 8 ch (to the last stitch).  Do NOT join to first stitch.  (28 stitches)
Round 2:  2sc in 1st sc from round 1.  sc in same stitch and in the next 9 stitches.  2 sc in the next stitch,
1 sc, 2 sc,  At marker:  remove marker, sc into marked stitch, place marker in new sc.  2sc in the next
stitch, 1sc, 2sc, sc in the next 10 stitches.  2sc,  (34 sc)
Round 3:  2sc, sc in the next 11 stitches, 2sc, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, At marker:  remove marker, 3sc, leave
marker out.  1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 2sc, sc in the next 11 stitches, 2sc, sl st to next sc.  (43 stitches)
Round 4:  ch 2, working in back loops only hdc in each stitch around. (decreasing 5 sc before the toe­
hdc2tog), hdc in the next 9 stitches, hdc2tog, hdc to beginning sl st to 1st sc. (43 sc)
Round 5:  ch 2, hdc in same stitch as ch 1, working in BOTH loops only sc in each stitch around. sl st to
1st sc.  Fasten off.


  1. This font is very hard to read :(

  2. How do you finish this pattern, with the little strap over the top? Did I mess up the pattern?