Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lalaloopsy Beanie Pattern

LaLaLoopsy Beanie
Creator By, Sabrina Sun
Pattern Written By, Christina Melendez

Supplies: Beige Yarn-Face,Pink-Cheeks, Black-Mouth, Color of yourchoice-Hair, 2 Big buttons-Eyes,5.5Hook, Marker

Hair color of yourchoice:

Chain up 3, join with first chain on hook to form a loop;chain up 1

1.SC 12 inside the loop

2.    Increase: 2 SC in every SC (24)

3.      1SC in every SC (24)

4      Increase: 2SC in same stitch, 1SC in nextstitch, *2SC in next stitch, 1SC in next. Repeat * all around (2,1,2,1,repeat)(36)

5.   1SC all around (36)

6.     Increase: 2SC in same stitch, 1SC in nextstitch, 1SC in next stitch. *2SC,1SC,1SC Repeat all around (  (2,1,1,2,1,1,repeat) (48)

7.  1SC all around (48)

8.      Increase: 2SC in same stich, 1SC in next, 1SC innext, 1SC in next stitch. *2SC,1SC,1SC,1SC Repeat all around(2,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,repeat) (60)

9.      1SC all around

Stop increase rounds here. This should fit a 1-7yr old

Rows 10-15. 1SC in each stitch until 15th row;slip stitch in next chain fasten off.

CHANGE COLOR to Beige: Go back 2 stiches; attach newcolor

Rows 16-30. 1SC all around. Fasten off

Hair: Make achain of 35

4DC in 4th chain from hook, repeat all the waydown the chain. Slip Stitch to last chain and leave a long tail. Tie the 2 endstogether and make a good knot.

Make 16 of these pieces.

Pink for Cheeks(make 2) Make a chain of 3, join to 1 chain to form a loop. Chain up 1

11 SC inside the loop.

2 SC in each stitch (24)

1 SC in every stitch (24)

Slip stitch into marker, fasten off, pull tight to closecircle. Leave a long tail for sewing

Mouth-Black:  Make a chain of 15. Fasten off. Leave a longtail for sewing.


  1. Love all your items..I'm working on Lalaloopsy beanie..Thank you so much for your videos also

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